Milledgeville, GA Police To Talk Ben Roethlisberger This Week

The Milledgeville, GA police department just completed a press conference on the Ben Roethlisbeger case.  He still hasn’t been charge nor has he been exonerated.

The police planned to interview Roethlisberger sometime this week along with a few other witnesses.  They are also canvassing for surveillance video from other establishments that may help with the investigation.

Roethlisberger lawyer Ed Garland says he doesn’t expect Ben to be charged:

“We are cooperating with investigators. Ben is completely innocent of any crime. The truth of events will cause this investigation to end without a charge,” he said.

Meanwhile the accuser’s friends are 100% standing behind her:

Students at her Georgia College & State University rallied behind the woman, saying she doesn’t want publicity and was a victim following a night of drinking and carousing.

At this point it is anyone’s guess what will happen in the case, but we will keep you updated.

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