Baseball is Back..What Does it All Mean?

The best thing about the Major League Baseball season?

It means winter is over in Saint Louis which is always time for celebration here in the offices of BlackSportsOnline.

More things to love about baseball?

MLB is the only place where a manager can admit to doing cocaine during the season and stay employed.

Tony Montana would have been a hell of a manager for someone.

People are still talking about steroids.

Mark McGwire has a job, but Barry Bonds doesn’t which I find interesting.

Found out Roger Clemens has a hard time getting it up in comparison to Superman aka Dean Cain.

Yankees are still spending money.

Manny is still being Manny.

I still expect 400 articles by Bill Simmons about the Red Sox.

Albert Pujols is still the best player in the game.

I am still trying to hang out with Alex Rodriguez’s cousin.

Bud Selig is still the commish.  I remember when he was just the interim replacement.

Hopefully a Tiger Style story will come out and I will become more interested, but until then I’ll see you in October.