NCAA Men’s Tournament Expanding To 68 Teams, All Games To Be Shown Live


Just when you thought the NCAA tournament couldn’t get any better. ┬áThe tournament will be getting a little bit deeper by expanding the field from 65 teams to 68 teams starting next year and… wait for it… all games will be shown live for the first time. ┬áJust in case that didn’t click…


According to ESPN the proposal for the expansion was unanimously passed and will be reviewed by the board of directors on April 29th.

In addition to the expansion, the NCAA has also entered into a new 14-year contract worth more than $10.8 billion with CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

The significance of the deal, you ask?

This deal has it so that for the first time, every game will be shown live across four national networks.

March Madness, indeed.


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