Dolphins DE Phillip Merling Arrested for Aggravated Battery on Pregnant Girlfriend


You never want to see these three words in succession if you are a man:




That is hard to come back from, unless there is some compelling evidence that it was all a misunderstanding.  The latest athlete to be caught up in the police blotter is Dolphins Defensive End Phillip Merling, who was arrested in Miami yesterday for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

Details are a bit sketchy, and Merlin or the Dolphins have yet to make a statement.

Before jumping to any wild conclusions we will wait for more details.  Simply put, regardless of what information comes out, Merlin has to be smarter; if in fact he did assault his pregnant girlfriend in any way, he needs to be thrown under the jail.

Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt until more evidence arises, though.  You can read the information about the arrest here.


  1. I hope he has enough sense not to have allowed himself to get involved in such a deplorable situation. Don’t get caught up in the hype of a famous type life or you’ll be back in your old country town where no opportunities are available!!!!

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