Shaq is Not Pleased With Jalen Rose..Takes It To Twitter..

Obviously Rose said something that got Shaq’s cape in a bunch, and Shaq decided to air his feelings via Twitter.  You can see what he said above.

Once again it is Jalen Rose’s job to make observations on current NBA players.  That is what Rose is paid to do.

I think current players are way too sensitive in regard to what former players say about them.

Granted, they have a right to refute what is being said, but if you are going to do it, back it up with some facts.

Name calling, or speaking to other player’s careers is a weak rebuttal (see: Brian Urlacher).

If Shaq wants to say Rose doesn’t know what he is talking about he should point out the reasons why, not point to Rose’s “eyes” as a defense.

It just makes you sound like a Big Baby (not the Celtics Big Baby, but I digress).  I am surprised he didn’t bust out with some “Yo Momma” jokes.


Jalen Rose has responded and we believe this disagreement is all over a tattoo, which would be ridiculous, but nevertheless, I agree with Rose that Twitter Beef is lame.  He drops a Tyson punch on Shaq, we will see if Shaq replies and runs away like Michael Spinks.

More from Rose, it appears that Shaq is mad because Rose said he was “aging” on the court.  Shaq is being a “moist dude,” he needs to calm down because what Rose said is true.

11 thoughts on “Shaq is Not Pleased With Jalen Rose..Takes It To Twitter..

  • haha this is so funny in a non-funny way. i think shaq may be on his way to becoming the next stephon marbury.

  • anyone else think jalen rose is a HORRRIBLE broadcaster..he is constantly yelliing

  • If Rose runs his mouth about a player he needs to expect some rebuttal. It's easy for some washed up guy to sit there and talk about soebody else.

  • Jalen shaq never had 81 fuckin points scored on him unlike ur self

  • damn, shaq got murked in Jalen's comeback. hilarious.

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