Matt Barnes Being “Moist” Again On Twitter Because of Basketball Wives Reunion Show

I didn’t want to have to say this, but the reason Matt Barnes hates the Basketball Wives so much is because he is just like Erik Williams but just not man enough to admit it (maybe he needs some ribs).

No one gets this upset over a bunch of women unless they have something to hide or are trying to convince their lady they are different than the average baller.

If you are going to have an discussion, or even an argument, keep the “ether” professional.  Barnes is making a fool of himself with his actions.  All the name calling and foul language speaks to his immaturity.

He may have his not-so-innocent fiancee’ fooled, but not anyone else.

It is his Twitter and he is free to say whatever he wants, it is his right as an American.  If he wants to battle Shaunie O’Neal and the woman who took all of Antonie Walker’s money, more power to him.

But it only makes him look bad in the long run.

The truth will come out eventually.  It always does.