Nuggets Forward Kenyon Martin Gets His “Red Lips” Tattoo Erased


Kenyon Martin confronted me once over an article I wrote about how his “Ruby Red Lips” tat was a bit “moist.”

You know what I told him:

“It looks silly man, you have to know that.”

I think I surprised him by not running, but Rob is no “moist dude;” we stand by the stories on BSO.

Obviously he took my advice, because he has had the tat surgically removed.

It was a tribute to his girlfriend Trina.

It is good Martin realized that a grown man running around the court with Jessica Rabbit-style lips on his neck was a bit suspect.

Hope he doesn’t start dating Nicki Minaj, because then he might replace it with a tat of a “pink wig.”

Pic courtesy of Sports By Brooks.


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