Report: Orlando Magic Trying To Dump Vince Carter & Jameer Nelson for Chris Paul

It appears the Magic now understand what a catastrophic mistake it was thinking that Vince Carter was the missing piece of their championship puzzle and are trying to ship him out of town.

The object of their affection is Hornets guard Chris Paul who we reported yesterday possibly could be trying to wiggle his way out of New Orleans.

Fanhouse broke this latest story here are the details:

The Orlando Magic’s preliminary inquiry into the availability of point guard Chris Paul involved a discussion that included a trade of both starting guards Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson to New Orleans.

The Magic, as part of the early discussion, would receive both Paul and small forward James Posey, according to a second NBA source that confirmed the original FanHouse story by Sam Amick involving the two teams.

Ironically I was on twitter today talking about what Dwight Howard needs to become a more complete player and one of my suggestions was a dynamic guard, who was a leader and had a serial killer instinct  about him.

Chris Paul does meet those qualifications, but I still would be surprised (not shocked) if he is traded.

Original reports stated that World Wide Wes was trying to get Paul traded in a package deal to get him and Lebron James to team up “SuperFriends” style.

Now I hearing Wes is just trying to get Paul to a contender and out of New Orleans.

The Summer of Lebron continues.

13 thoughts on “Report: Orlando Magic Trying To Dump Vince Carter & Jameer Nelson for Chris Paul

  • these two players need to move on . They showed there worst work in the playoffs what a lousy percentage with boston. They are not going to improve on what they did they were healthy. Yodeous


  • For Magic fans, this would be a dream come true. Vince tried his best, but the fit was never there. Turkoglu would have been more of a threat in the Eastern Conference finals; maybe even helped them beat the Celtics. I agree that the Magic GM could sweeten the deal for New Orleans. Still far away from happening, I would guess.

    • I don't think it'll happen, but Turkoglu is seriously overrated. As a Magic fan I used to watch games with his super-slow point-forward back-to-the-basket way of running an offense and cringe. We don't need Turdofglu back, I don't think we need to move Nelson either. We need a slasher that's a good 10 years younger than VC and more fearless. Maggette wouldn't have been a bad pickup if he could stay healthy for longer than a quarter of play.

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