Ty Lawson: “Somone Stole My Phone I Didn’t Tweet About Kardashians” Sure Ty, Sure

Ty Lawson obviously was on the phone with Ray Allen last night in regards on how to act like someone “hacked” into his twitter.

Lawson tweeted the other day how he like to “break lamps” with a Kardashian so he could win a championship.

It was a very funny and harmless tweet that got picked up by the some gossip blogs and TMZ. Next thing you know it was a bigger story than what it really was.

So Lawson decides it would be beneficial to come up with a story to make it seem like he didn’t write the tweet.

In classic “dog ate my homework fashion” he went with the “someone stole my phone” excuse.

I can not say with 100% certainty that is a lie, because I don’t speak in absolutes, but my personal opinion is that Roger Clemens was being more honest when he testified in front of Congress.

Time for people to:


If you tweeted about wanting to bang a Kardashian for a ring, just own it. If you accidentally tweet a freaky pic instead of DM just admit it and move on. If you pimping on Twitter be proud of being a ho, don’t try to act like it is not happening.

Everybody being so “Moist” these days.

Take a lesson from Ron Artest it is ok to be yourself.

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