Chris Johnson and Tennessee Titans Work Out New Deal

Fantasy football players rejoice.

I can’t even lie I was much more concerned about Chris Johnson contract situation for my various fantasy leagues than his well being, but I digress. has the details:

The arrangement will pay Johnson more money this year, with no additional years being added to the contract. Johnson currently is signed through 2012.

The new deal has not yet been signed, so we suppose it could fall through. But at this point it’s unlikely.

Specifics aren’t yet known. It had been reported that the Titans would likely accelerate some escalators money Johnson unlocked for future years as a way to bump up his $550,000 base salary for 2010.

In essence they are going to pay him more money in 2010 to get him into camp.

It is a gamble on Johnson’s part, if he has another big year he will get his monster contract, but if for whatever reason he has a sub-par season or gets hurt he will be out of luck.

The Titans have no obligation to renegotiate his contract next year if for whatever reason they deem his isn’t worthy of a long term contract.

If anything Johnson should be motivated and that is a something you have to take into consideration when you are building your draft board.

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  • The window for running backs could be very small due to the nature of the job. CJ basically hopes to grab the payday while he has got the option. However have a look how rapidly they fade away.

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