Ron Artest Having a “F**K Lebron Party”? Wait..What..

I am going to have to have a sit down with these athletes about letting these club promoters just using their image and name for any and every party they are throwing they get free access to.

We already have seen how this has caused Michael Vick some trouble and there have been many incidents where an athlete name has been attached to something they have absoutely nothing to do with, but when something goes down they are held responsible.

I can only hope that Ron Artest knows nothing about the “F*** Lebron Party” and this was just an idea of an overzealous party promoter.

I have never seen one individual go from generally liked to a pirah as quick as Lebron for basically nothing.

At least there was a reason (if not a good one) people turned on Tiger Woods.  People turned on Lebron for making a decision he was “free” to make.  It was if Lebron walked into their kitchen and took their cornbread or something.

Yeah he went about it a little over the top, but that didn’t stop everyone from watching and talking about it.

Lebron has paid my rent, cell phone and is real close to paying my car note just off the strength people reading our thoughts about The Summer of Lebron.

It is just strange to me.

He is just a NBA player, but the venom toward him now you would think he was the basketball version of BET.


Anyway we will try to get confirmation if Artest is involved with this in anyway and report back.

If he is I hate to say it, but that was a very “moist” decision on his part.


I like how it is a “F*** Lebron Edition”, but it is being promoted by “UpScale Crowd Entertainment”

I swear I am living in the Matrix sometimes.

66 thoughts on “Ron Artest Having a “F**K Lebron Party”? Wait..What..

  • The promoters may have a bigger problem…if they are using French Connection (FCUK) logo without their consent AND disparaging LeBron at the same time….i smell lawyers coming…

    • These were my thoughts exactly. Im thinking this is someone's idea of a really bad joke via photoshop, and it doesn't really exist. If it does, someone will be fined heavily…

    • You know how it goes with Party Promoters, but then again I thought the same about Michael Vick and he was involved with the promotions


  • People turned on LeBron because they discovered he's a huge douchebag..

  • Alot of people always hated LeBron,now they feel that they have an excuse to be open about it.Straight up it`s moist as hell for grown ass men to be hating on one man like this.Ha Ha damn they`re more pink mofos out here than I realized.

    • Not everyone has to worship these arrogant clown athletes just because ESPN tells us too. I personally don't like people that act like d-bags, whether they are at the local bar or playing basketball on my TV. It's sad that some people only don't like him because he didn't go to their team, but those people who really saw him for what he is have a right to dislike this punk. That don't make you "pink", it means you don't like a-holes.

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