Sources: Dwyane Wade Leaning Towards Committing to Chicago Bulls

This comes from, so take it with a grain of salt since they have been very shaky with their “insider reporting” lately.

What we do know is that D Wade has requested a second meeting with the Bulls and that he and Chris Bosh were in Chicago speaking about a team-up.  Here are more details:

Dwyane Wade is leaning toward committing to the Chicago Bulls, a source close to the situation told’s Chad Ford on Friday.

According to the source, Wade requested a second meeting with Bulls shortly after the 2006 NBA Finals MVP spent more than two hours getting wooed by the New York Knicks at a downtown Chicago hotel Friday morning. The source stressed that Wade needed the meeting to clarify issues around signing with the Bulls.

If Wade were to agree to join the Bulls, it could clear the way for fellow free-agent superstars Chris Bosh or LeBron James to join Wade in Chicago.

I still don’t see LeBron, Bosh, and Wade all playing on the same team.  I see Bosh playing with one or another.  I don’t think it is a concidence that Bosh has been hanging out with Wade the majority of the time.

I have a source (no Stephen A.) that says Bosh would prefer to play with Wade over LeBron. seems to think Wade committing would lead to all three coming to Chicago.  We will see, but things are starting to get interesting.

The Sumer of LeBron continues….


Both Wade and Bosh are meeting with the Bulls as we speak.

7 thoughts on “Sources: Dwyane Wade Leaning Towards Committing to Chicago Bulls

  • I'm reading that Chicago requested a 2nd meeting w/Wade and he obliged. Big difference who requested 2nd meeting.

    To many stories going around, can't wait till this crap is over! Wouldn't surprise me if most end up where they started and this was just an attention grabber from the beginning.

  • I agree. All of this is just attention grabbers.I'll be glad too when all this is over. A team up with one or all of the big three I believe will backfire right in their face. I don't think Bosh or LeBron could stand being second chair.

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