The Big Lead: “BlackSportsOnline Is The BET of Sports Blogs” … No Thank You

I often speak alot about “lazy journalism” in regards to the mainstream media. Sometimes it is just easier to go along with the stereotype than do some research.

Go back to the NFL Draft.

Who did you hear Texas Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley compared to?

Wes Welker

Who did you hear Stanford Running Back Toby Gerhart compared to?

Mike Alsott

Just a little research that Shipley compares more to Derek Mason style receiver while Gerhart runs similar to Brandon Jacobs.

But that isn’t easy. Just compare the white guys to the white guys and move on. It is a common theme in sports and it is a common theme in life.

So was I shocked (or appalled) when I read this quote from The Big Lead in response to Jesse Jackson’s “slave mentality” comments about Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert? :

Jackson’s comments have drawn ire from a number of critics, including Jason Whitlock and Black Sports Online, which, as the BET of sports blogs, should hardly be confused as a voice of racial reason, but is significant nonetheless as the “#1 ranked independently black-owned sports web site” according to the web site.

No I wasn’t because it is easy.

I am young black man born and raised in hip hop culture, who routinely uses colorful analogies and phrases to make my point, who is outspoken, outgoing and not afraid to say what is on my mind.

So lets just compare him and his site to BET.

Because his site has “Black” in front of it, lets assume he could never speak on a racial topic reasonably. Black men aren’t reasonable, we are angry, loud and biased right?

How could a black man, with a black site, who has model friends ever be “impartial”.

I mean T.O. is a Thug right? Marvin Harrison is the “good guy”?

Lazy journalism just doesn’t apply when we are talking about athletes, it is also when we are talking about ourselves and our profession.

To his credit the author of the post, Geoff Decker, did contact me after I voiced my displeasure via twitter. He didn’t deny that the BET reference wasn’t a compliment and that is was made because of the correlation of promoting scantily clad women and models between BSO and BET.

You know something— I have no issue with that because it is based in logic the problem that I have is in the context of when the reference is made.

If you want to preach about that, that is fine, but when you address a serious issue like slavery, that is not the time or place to get your point across by stating that I like to post Kim Kardashian pics.

Furthermore, there is no excuse for the statement claiming that I should not be confused with the voice of racial reason.

If anything, I am more qualified to speak about race issues than most reporters because I come from where these guys come from.

Every crew from where I come from has a Michael Vick, an A.I., a T.O., a Marvin Harrison and a Tiger Woods.

I went to The Ohio State University, I know the Roethlisberger types.

So if you are going to question my “racial reason”, I would like to see that proven. And the fact that I present scantily clad models on my site is not “proof” enough. Because for every model photo displayed on BSO, I have fifteen more articles with content that is bar none some of the best sports analysis online.

Furthermore, I have nothing against BET and their station—I watched the BET Awards this year and witnessed the cry seen ’round the world’. But some have argued that BET doesn’t do much for our culture or our race. I will have you know that in the case of my site, BSO has been one of the few level-headed, not quick to crucify not just Blacks in sports, but sports figures in general. While other sites (cough, cough) rush to judgment, I make sure to verify all facts before reporting any story.

Then again, I could have just been like Jesse Jackson and said they just trying to keep me down like a “slave”, but that wouldn’t have been very “reasonable” now would it?

27 thoughts on “The Big Lead: “BlackSportsOnline Is The BET of Sports Blogs” … No Thank You

  • I was going to comment about maybe why he compared your site to BET then I saw it was a dumber reason than I could have imagined and while you may not feel anything negative about BET I sure do on your behalf and the comparison.

    • My personal feelings about BET aside. I just thought it was a lazy comparison when anyone who has been on this site know I am much more like TRUTV.

  • Well let's be honest, there's nothing wrong with posting Kim Kardashian pics. Especially ever since she went on that holy-shit-how-you-like-me-now diet.

    • I just don't understand me slamming Jesse Jackson had another to do with BSO Models of the Week..

  • kudos to you for writing a level-headed response. of course, this is your livelihood and you dont have the same kinda cash flow as mr. gilbert, but it would have been easy for you to respond in the way 'they' expect you to.

    the problem is that you will always be dammed if you do and dammed if you dont. as much as many WP's would like to think that racism is only in the minds of black folk and was eliminated when Barack won the election – its obviously not the case. and for ever jesse jackson bringing the topic up when it's NOT needed, it discounts the times when is SORELY is.

    • i'm one of your female readers that rolls eyes and cringes at the 'models' and kimmy k pics as well as the blurring of the lines between BSO and your other endeavours. but it's slightly hypocritical of TBL to mention that when SI's biggest selling issue is the swimsuit edition and um..the last few ones there havent been any swimming or suits. sports will always be male dominated, you have to cater to the majority of your audience – so i will just have to suck it up and secretly fantasize about what's under the helmet and shorts!

      at the end of the day – what i respect is that you make an effort to keep integrity in your sports stories. im sure that is hard because we now live in an ADD/IM/24-7 world where it's not about being right, it's about being first. (and where any dude with internet access/library card and the ability to type can go on a message board and spew bullhst – i truly dont know why i torture myself sometimes).

      • final 2.5 cents, it's clear that there is a desire and need for media sources that aren't controlled by the same hands (aka money). the bias is sometimes just too obvious. it's why tmz and twitter are now reliable resources for information. which is good and sad all at once.

        if you have critics (and haters), you must be doing something right!

        • I appreciate your comment

          The critics don't bother me, people complain about Kim K or how we photoshop Lebron it is just part of the business. I am not a moist dude.

          My goal is not to be universally love.

          I don't try to change opinions I just give mind and let people make up their own mind.

          My issue was only what does BET and the writers personal thoughts on my objectivity have to do with Jesse Jackson.

          I have issues with ESPN from time to time, but when I am linking them I am speaking to the story, not them. When I want to discuss how I feel they are handling something I make a different post.

          That would be like me doing a George Steinbrenner post and sliding in that ESPN is like the Mafia. It totally undermines the story and takes the focus on what it should be.

  • I think it was wrong of a comparison. You have a very nice blog here, Robert. I might not read with every post or even agree on some things, but I will always defend and protect your freedom of speech. All you did was make a fair assessment of a blown-out-of-proportion topic and you're deemed not valid or justified enough to make such commentary.

    Your credentials speak for themselves. You don't have to prove anything to anyone.

    • BSO is like my home and I have to protect my house. Like I said in the article if I was like Jesse Jackson I could have turned this into something totally different, but I tried to stick to the facts at hand.

      All I ask is don't be lazy in your journalism for a cheap laugh

  • I wouldn't sweat The Big Lead. They are a joke. And if you are the BET or sports blogs then TBL is the Weekly World News of sports blogs. I like your stuff. Your twitter presence is admirable.

    • Isn't really about the Big Lead..but a bigger problem of people just being lazy in their reporting

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