The New York Knicks PowerPoint Presentation To LeBron James Leaked

The fact that this was able to leak to Forbes should be a red flag to LeBron.  It is one thing to get reports of what teams are pitching to LeBron; it is a totally different thing to have an entire PowerPoint presentation out on the web.  If the Knicks purposefully allowed it to leak, even more reasons for LeBron to give a raised eyebrow.

With that being said, let’s break down some of the things the Knicks pitched to LeBron:

1- It is much more about the “LeBron Brand” than actually winning basketball games.

2- Player Image and Marketing comes before “Player Performance.”

3- Basically states if  LeBron goes to the Heat, he won’t make any money.

4- Speaks to value of the Knicks franchise, no mention of how bad a team they are.

5- Points out that if LeBron goes to Chicago, he would have to be better than Jordan.

I love the conclusion of the PowerPoint when it says:

Honestly, not a very good presentation.

All it is saying is forget about winning, NYC is the biggest media market and we will help you make a billion dollars.  I can see why people were saying LeBron was underwhelmed by the presentation.

I would have been, too.

It doesn’t matter if LeBron plays for the Knicks and the Boonville Rec League; unless he gets those rings, he will never be the billion dollar baby he wants to be.

The Summer of LeBron Continues…

22 thoughts on “The New York Knicks PowerPoint Presentation To LeBron James Leaked

  • The slide-show was only part of the presentation, D'antoni spent most of the time discussing basketball with him after they showed him how he'd expand his brand. I mean honestly, he has his own marketing company focused on his brand. The knicks made a full presentation about all parts of playing for the knicks. It's not only about winning titles but the knicks believe he will win several here so why exactly do they need to go full retard on him about winning only? He's shown that he has various interests. As for the leak, perhaps someone from interbrand leaked it and if so how is that a foul from the knicks?

    • A- Unless you were in the room you don't know that

      B- The Knicks using a firm that would leak this hours after the meeting is a fail on there part.

      C- It isn't a very good part of the presentation which is my opinion which I am entitled to have.

      • ESPN actually outlined the entire presentation on their website, where focus was put on player development (not just Lebron, but other players like Chandler, Douglas and Gallo), D'Antoni talking X's and O's and the system, playing with another star and having more cap space next season to add (yet) another star player.

        The powerpoint was not just the only focus. Do you honestly think that after two+ years of planning for this the Knicks would be anything but prepared?

      • D'antoni actually stated he spent most of the time talking X's and O's with Lebron.

  • If you read the article it speaks specifically to the “presentation” that was leaked. Not anything else.

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