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The New York Knicks PowerPoint Presentation To LeBron James Leaked

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, July 5th, 2010
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The fact that this was able to leak to Forbes should be a red flag to LeBron.  It is one thing to get reports of what teams are pitching to LeBron; it is a totally different thing to have an entire PowerPoint presentation out on the web.  If the Knicks purposefully allowed it to leak, even more reasons for LeBron to give a raised eyebrow.

With that being said, let’s break down some of the things the Knicks pitched to LeBron:

1- It is much more about the “LeBron Brand” than actually winning basketball games.

2- Player Image and Marketing comes before “Player Performance.”

3- Basically states if  LeBron goes to the Heat, he won’t make any money.

4- Speaks to value of the Knicks franchise, no mention of how bad a team they are.

5- Points out that if LeBron goes to Chicago, he would have to be better than Jordan.

I love the conclusion of the PowerPoint when it says:

Honestly, not a very good presentation.

All it is saying is forget about winning, NYC is the biggest media market and we will help you make a billion dollars.  I can see why people were saying LeBron was underwhelmed by the presentation.

I would have been, too.

It doesn’t matter if LeBron plays for the Knicks and the Boonville Rec League; unless he gets those rings, he will never be the billion dollar baby he wants to be.

The Summer of LeBron Continues…

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