5 Ways To Get Your Lady To Love Football

This is according to the September issue of Men’s Fitness magazine.

I know a lot of the fellas have issues when fall comes around  if their lady friends are not into the NFL and College Football, so these are some good tips to help.

I will give you a bonus tip.

During Pregame and Halftime just “dive right in”.  You have to connect the dots because this is a family site, but think hard and you will figure it out.  If you do that you won’t have to worry about her bothering you for hours.

Also here is an interview from Lingerie League star Natalie Jahnke who was gracious enough to provide those tips above:

2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Your Lady To Love Football

  • Didn't bother reading the article. If your lady doesn't like football it might too late. Women are smarter than you think and they will get pissed you screwed them to watch a game. It will work 2x's out of 16 Be a pimp and tell your girl the truth. "I want to watch this game maybe you want to go over a girlfriends house because my boys are comming over."
    Or do like I did and get a athletic girl who likes sports. I never have problems.

    Stop acting like a sitcom dad and grow some balls tell that chick how you feel

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