Tim Tebow Voted The Most Eligible Christian Virgin Bachelor

I mean did they really have to vote?

Here is what the Christian Partner For Life had to say about Pastor Tebow courtesy of Deadspin:

Tim Tebow provides a great example for how a single, committed Christian should live their lives. Tebow is a virgin and is saving himself for marriage. He stays humble and modest in the face of massive scrutiny and press coverage.

No matter what anyone tells you I actually like Tim Tebow and wish him all the success in the world.

With that being said, honestly do you really think he is a virgin?

Have you ever been on the University of Florida campus?

I say the chances of Tim Tebow being a virgin are the same as Elin Nordegren not knowing Tiger Woods liked Porn Stars or Tiki Barber marrying a black woman.

I am willing to bet Jay Mariotti’s Leather Jacket collection on the fact that Tim Tebow has broken more than a few lamps in his day.

Don’t be naive people.

3 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Voted The Most Eligible Christian Virgin Bachelor

  • I also Lol'd at this article. The media have refound their "favorite son", ever since Woods lost that position. Just a side note: I wasn't in florida so I don't know the man's status, but it would be SHEER HUMILIATION if after a few years of being the media love child, that a band of tigerstyle women came forward and admitted that he wasn't a virgin and was lying all those years.

    Not wishing anything bad on the kid, but its articles like the ones Deadspin post that blow this stuff up even more when sh*t hits the fan. Now everyone's going to be watching Tebow closely, and the moment pictures surface of him being at a club or elsewhere with women, we're immediately gonna cast a shadow of doubt, courtesy of the aforementioned quote.

  • Hard to believe ?

  • how about leaving him alone on his private life and just enjoy watching a talented kid play football?

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