50 Cent Tweets on Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Momma Josie Harris: “She Wants Money”

The police can’t find Floyd Mayweather, but 50 Cent has already solved the case and posted his thoughts via twitter.

According to Fiddy this is how it went down. Floyd went to see his kids and while questioning Harris about some clothes he bought for his children she flipped out.

Floyd left and that’s went she called the police.

Fiddy also says Harris has a jealous friend stoking the drama.

Here are all the tweets:

If you take 50 Cent at his word, Mayweather has been falsely accused and my belief is that if a woman falsely accuses a man of assault or any type of violent crime she should go to jail.

Not just because she is lying, but because by lying she makes it more difficult for women who really are assaulted to be taken seriously.

This is all speculation and until the police make a statement I am not going to believe one person over another, but the whole situation is messy and whoever is lying I hope get charged with a crime.