Could ESPN Be a Holdout?

If you’re like me you have a love/hate relationship with ESPN. While they do a great job covering sports, they sometimes so favoritism to certain athletes and blow small incidents waaaayyyy out of proportion.

Then there are times when they ‘over cover’topics. Was it really necessary to have helicopter coverage of Brett coming back to training camp? Was A.C. Collins driving? Then comes the Revis coverage, every analyst they have giving their opinion for days in a row. All these alleged sources claiming to have inside knowledge of what’s going on with the Revis holdout.

So I find it with great irony that ESPN could be a holdout itself.

Dallas Morning News is reporting that last night at midnight was the deadline for Time Warner and Disney to reach a formal agreement on how much they would pay ESPN and other Disney channels.

No such agreement has been reached.

Time Warner has kept the channels apart of their programming while an agreement is reached. Although there is no word what is holding up the deal. Could it be that ESPN wants MORE money?? *gasp*

I can’t imagine the outcry and uproar if ESPN were off the air. Where would you watch the World Series of Poker, North Carolina’s lacrosse team, or see Keyshawn Johnson’s sock and tie combination? The thought of depriving millions of men Erin Andrews, Rachel Nichols, Michelle Beadle or Hannah Storms too short pencil skirts is too much for me to bear….*brings hand to forehead*

Stay tuned…..

Erikka is the resident female voice of BSO.  You can also check her out here.