NBA Player Yi Jianlian: “I Am Not Open To Mix Marriage, Foreign Girls More Passionate”

Can someone get Antonio Cromartie on the line to explain to Yi Jianlian the benefit of feasting from the “female buffet”.


Maybe not Cromartie, someone get Derek Jeter on the Blackberry.

Jianlian who has been in the NBA for three years and who is from China, still believes Chinese women are the best.  Here is what he had to say:

THREE YEARS into the NBA as well as the American life, Chinese basketball star Yi Jianlian doesn’t seem to have changed who he was in terms of his views on love and marriage, as he gives a point-blank “No” when asked about whether he would consider a mixed marriage.

“I’ll definitely marry a Chinese girl,” the low-profile star blushes at the question. “And it is not about aesthetic stuff, I am just not that open to a mixed marriage.”

He also reveals that he has not been chased by any women during his long stay in America.

“Foreign girls are usually more passionate. And I will not push myself on it (marriage),” he says with a smile. “It is not like making a dress, which can be done overnight.”

I noticed Jianlian didn’t say anything about not breaking lamps, with an American girl, just that he wouldn’t marry one.  In that regards he is no different than a NFL player, you know sleep with a Kardashian but not marry one.

I don’t know about the foreign girls being more passionate, as someone who has sampled a lot from the 31 flavors of ladies, my personal freaky scale goes as follows:

  1. The Chocolate
  2. The J Los
  3. The unknown (mixed with multiple Ethnicities)
  4. The others (one ethnicity that you have to ask what it is)
  5. The Vanilla

I think Yi needs to broaden his horizons, maybe hang out with Gilbert Arenas (no guns) now that he is with the Washington Wizards. Maybe Clinton Portis can take him under his wing, don’t want him missing out. He is in DC, Kat Stacks hangs out there all the time.

Live a little Yi, then you can marry a nice Chinese girl, VH1 might even do a reality show on it.

4 thoughts on “NBA Player Yi Jianlian: “I Am Not Open To Mix Marriage, Foreign Girls More Passionate”

  • What do you mean sleep with a Kardashian but not marry one? I wouldn't have any problem marry an Armenian woman. As far as not being open minded. Who cares people like different things. A lot of people have a type so if that's what they only go for then so be it.

  • Mike, a Kardashian is a cheap hoe thats been f*** by many athletes. It has nothing to do with being Armenian.

    Side Note:
    TMZ once made a joke about how someone dropped to their knees quicker than a Kardashian at a NAACP meeting.

  • This is one of those articles that you read and instantly wish you hadn't wasted your time. Its about nothing, really. Way to turn what he said into what you wanted him to say, which served as the appropriate time to derail the topic and segway into your own personal fantasy blog.

    BSO: -1

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