Pics: Kim Kardashian & LaLa at Nobu..What Does This Mean For Melo Trade?

I asked in the title what does LaLa and Kim Kardashian being together means for the possible Carmelo Anthony to Nets trade?

Absolutely nothing.

I just wanted to show the pics because the dresses are extremely tight, the heels are looking right and the bootys are poppin (that was like a Gucci Mane rhyme).

If you must have a sports angle, Lala wants Melo out of Denver and if he does agree to the trade I think that will be the #1 reason why.  Honestly I don’t think he is that excited to play in New Jersey while they are rebuilding.

You know Khole Kardashian had success getting with a NBA player, maybe Kim should cross over (no pun intended).  She isn’t have much success with NFL players, maybe she can latch on with John Wall or something.

Just trying to help.

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