Video: Plaxico Burress Speaks From Jail


I am not going to go over for the 150th time about how shooting yourself in the leg shouldn’t get two years in jail.

Wouldn’t matter if you are a NFL player, plumber or sports blogger.

Yes, he should have been punished for carry a gun with an expired license that is illegal and it could have been a lot worse if he accidentally shot someone else.

But the facts are, it was an accident, there was no criminal intent and the only one was hurt was Plaxico.

Plaxico is very dumb, but he isn’t a threat to society and anyone with common sense can see that.

Burress speaks from behind bars, take a listen and tell us what we think.

Thanks to for the video.

3 thoughts on “Video: Plaxico Burress Speaks From Jail

  • This really doesn't make any sense, I've often wondered what did he really do to get such a harsh penalty………He needs more people……….Guys in his position have done unthinkable things and walked away (Ben)

  • This video is, like really sad. Not "I feel sorry for him", but the mellow windy backtone and the silence before the questions and answers, it makes this sh*t sound all serene. This is all pure bullsh*t. This guy asking "What about rebuilding your life, what have you learned"? The truth is, what is there to learn besides don't get caught with a gun and don't be a statistic? What is there to rebuild? He's not a convicted murderer or rapist, he's a fool with a gun. These phucking scumbags ought to know better than to try to paint the picture that he's the worst person to ever do this. Same with Reggie Bush. Stop singling people out on stupid stuff…

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