Video:Fists Fly at the US Open… Go figure

Now I’m not the biggest fan of tennis, excluding the occasions that include Serena Williams and catsuits, but yesterday I witnessed in my opinion one of tennis’ most exciting bouts, which ironically took place off of the tennis court

This square off took place during the third seed match-up between Novak Djokovic of Serbia and Phillipp Petzschner of Germany.

The story goes like this, dude in the Grey beer stained shirt was  enthusiastically enjoying the match and was using a profound amount of profanity in the process which led to the lady you see in the video letting him know what she thought of his choice of vocabulary.

This led to a good old fashion Jersey Shore-like shouting match between Grey shirt dude and Female, which eventually led to the Grey shirt dude being attacked by a geriatric, Joe Paterno looking man who felt it was his duty to throw bows after the fact.

Grandpa then tries to execute some sort of military headlock which went terribly wrong as it resulted in him getting thrown down some stairs………

*composes self* moving along

This then led to the lady trying to sneak in a punch on the guy who just threw her super hero down some stairs. The younger dude then tried to,  as my Oakland brethren would say “Shake the spot”,   but other people in the stands prevented him from doing so  until security arrived.

Now my question is this… Who is in the wrong?

For me I think its Joe Paterno junior because the younger dude had left the altercation and returned to his seat at which point the old man instigated the altercation further.

I’ll tell you one thing, if a man who already has one foot in the grave  were to ever come at me after the fact like that, I’m for damn sure putting that other foot in the grave because I don’t play that.

but I digress..

I’ll leave you with the decision of who was right or wrong in this situation


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2 thoughts on “Video:Fists Fly at the US Open… Go figure

  •… <-read and see other vid for complete play-by-play… 1)Dude was cussing 2)Lady offended 3)Argument Began 4)She Slapped dude 5)He wasn't backing down 6)Both sat down 7)The Woman's father took offense and tried to sneak in a shot and fell over in process. 8)Dude then got jumped for protecting himself

    Dude is in the right, if she didn't like cursing she should have notified Security to see if it's against policy to curse at event. She lost when she slapped him and lost even more when pops tried to attack dude. Lucky for the guy there is video, if people were to read the headline "guy at the OPEN fights with woman and her father" he would be crucified. Follow up to the story, all three were removed from stadium and banned for a couple of years. And now they're supposedly suing each other

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