Brandon Marshall: “I Like Being Called a Diva..Means I am Like Beyonce”

I understand what Brandon Marshall is trying to say.

The term “Diva Receiver” is one of those cliches sayings that need to die like “hater” and “swagger”.

It is a mainstream media creation from people who don’t understand that in the African-American community most men who are talented are often boisterous, flashy and outgoing.

The “Diva” label is only attached to players who don’t have good relationship with the media, it is the reason Greg Jennings can complain about not getting balls thrown his way and it just is swept under the rug.

Marshall embraces the term and he has an interesting take on why:

“I like the comment, `diva receivers,’ ” Marshall smiled. “That means you’re very successful. I look at all the divas, whether it’s Beyonce or Mariah Carey, those women are very successful. So, someone calls me a `diva,’ that means I’m successful. So, I’ll take that and run with it.”

“It’s about every receiver, they’ll say the same thing,” said Ochocinco, who was Chad Johnson when he was growing up in Liberty City. “I’m misunderstood, T.O. is misunderstood, Brandon Marshall. Those with that flair that flash, that individualism to themselves that people don’t like, we will always be misunderstood, and the funny thing is no matter how you explain it they will never understand it until they’re in your shoes, so it’s no reason to try to explain it.

One thing should be clear, Marshall along with the other so-called “diva” receivers have done some things that leave you shaking your head.

Doesn’t make them “Divas” just makes them stupid.

But I wholeheartedly agree that the media in general don’t understand these guys. Some in the media try to understand and report things fairly. Others on the hand are just ignorant and have no clue what they are talking about.

On the flip side some athletes trying to use media ignorance or their upbringing as an excuse for bad behavior.  That can’t happen, if you expect people to treat you with respect and fairly, don’t makes excuses and always trying to pass blame when you do something wrong.

My advice to Marshall,  next time compare yourself to Jay Z than his wife, just saying.

11 thoughts on “Brandon Marshall: “I Like Being Called a Diva..Means I am Like Beyonce”

  • Brandon next time you say it say Pause….

  • The word Diva should never be associated with a heterosexual male.

  • Guys like TO and ocho infuses the game with flair and personality….we fans like that kind of stuff…….too bad the NFL and the media are oblivious to this fact.

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