Carmelo Anthony: “I’m Looking for a Change..I Will Not Sign Extension” – BlackSportsOnline
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Carmelo Anthony: “I’m Looking for a Change..I Will Not Sign Extension”

In my professional opinion which isn’t worth much I think Melo should just play out the year and then he can exchange fashion tips with Amar’e in New York next year.

But he seems dead set on leaving the Nuggets sooner than later, here is what he had to say:

“They want to sit down and talk, but my thing is it’s way beyond this year,” Anthony told Yahoo! Sports. “It ain’t got nothing to do with the new GM, Josh, the players. For me, I feel it’s a time for change. If I do nothing now, I’m never going to do anything. I feel like my time is now to make a decision if I want to leave or if I want to stay.”

That is definitely his right as an American to feel that way. It doesn’t appear that his play will suffer, he is a professional I can’t see him tanking or anything like that, but it will be difficult for the Nuggets to move forward until his situation is resolved.

The Nuggets are like the guy whose girl told him she was ready to move on, but he convince her to stay until the end of the lease.

He knows he can get a roommate, but he hopes if his girl hangs around long enough she will decide to stay long term.

Unfortunately that almost never happens and you need to be careful because she normally leaves you with a hand full of bills.