Devon James Claims “Tiger Woods Sex Tape” Will Be Released on November 15th

I wonder if they are taking bets on this in Vegas?

Because I would put big money that we will never see “Lil Tiger” on the big screen.

We told you the other day that Devon James was allegedly shopping the Tiger Woods sex tape to Vivid Videos from $350,000, Vivid passed on the deal, but according to James’ husband someone else came up with the cash.  Here are the details:

Radar Online spoke with James’ husband who confirmed that they have sold the sex tape, but not to Vivid.

He told Radar Online “Ultimately we found a different company and they gave us $350,000 down with projected sales of $5 million total once it’s out.”

Vivid apparently was worried about Tiger’s lawyers coming after them, which is probably still a concern. According to James’ husband, the tape will be available November 15th if you pre-book it, otherwise it will be on sale on November 20th.

In my mind it is a publicity stunt and if James really does have  a tape I don’t think anyone has given her any money.

My theory is if she keeps it in the news she hopes Tiger will give her a couple of dollars to go away.  If Tiger knows there is no video, I would call her bluff.  If there is a tape I am sure Tiger’s lawyers will block it.

Project sales of five million?  That’s funny.