The NFL is Reviewing the Deadspin Accusations Against Brett Favre

Not exactly sure what this means, because the NFL reviews a lot of things and then you never hear about them again.  Roger Goodell though just had to deal with a situation with the New York Jets and female reporter Ines Sainz, so maybe they are just covering their bases with Favre just in case Miss Sterger starts to make a bigger deal out if it.

Here is what the NFL had to say:

The NFL says it is reviewing allegations involving the Vikings’ Brett Favre, who the website Deadspin says sent racy messages and photos to a former sideline reporter while he played for the Jets.

League spokesman Greg Aiello said Friday, “We are reviewing the matter,” when asked about reports that Favre sent voice mails and photos to Jenn Sterger.

The good news for Favre is it would be very difficult to prove the pics are him unless someone outing him (his wife perhaps).  Even the voicemail messages that sound like him can’t be 100% confirmed.  Unless there is more concrete evidence I don’t see it going any further.

This could all change if Miss Sterger decides she wants to take a more active role in the situation.  You have to remember she was an employee at the time and according to her she rebuffed all of Favre’s advances, so from just a general sense she can claim harrassment.

It never appeared she felt that way, but when the cameras start rolling the interview requests start rolling in, will she sing a different tune?

Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “The NFL is Reviewing the Deadspin Accusations Against Brett Favre

  • Even if she did she pretty much would kill her career as as sideline reporter because nobody will want to hire someone who's that much trouble.

    I did hear a rumor that when Versus joins NBC Sports they're going to get rid of her because of this.

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