Video: Giants DT Barry Cofield “Taser Sack Dance”

First thanks to the @jose3030 for the video (you should follow).

As someone on twitter pointed out, it could have been worse, Coefield could have been doing the Dougie.

Maybe I am getting old, but back in my day (the late 90’s early 2000s) NFL celebrations were a little bit more creative, then again the Dougie is what hot with the kids right now.

I blame the NFL for this because when they started to crack down on T.O. and Chad OchoCinco for using props and saying you couldn’t go to the ground to celebrate, it forced players to do the one thing the NFL can’t penalize.


Unfortunately some them dance like Mike Tyson in the “Every Little Step” parody.

Maybe when Hammer isn’t trying to start fake rap feuds with Jay Z he can teach these guys a few steps.

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