Video: Slim Chin and Dwight Howard: The Beast adidas Commercial

These commercials with Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose are hilarious, makes me want to watch The Hangover every time a new one debuts.

Here are the details:

Tonight adidas will premiere the newest commercial from the “Fast Don’t Lie” campaign starring Dwight Howard and Ken Jeong of the “The Hangover” and NBC’s “The Community.” The spot, along with Dwight’s signature shoe is called “The Beast.”

It follows the “Fast Don’t Lie” music video that launched two weeks ago and already has over 1.3 million views on YouTube. The story continues in “Slim Chin’s” mansion as Dwight and Slim show how being fast brings pet cheetahs, Benjamin piles, sky whips – and of course, dominance on the basketball court.

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