Video: Why in 2010 is AC Green Still Rocking a Fro Curl?

If you believe him and oddly I do, AC Green was the original 40 year virgin.

What makes that even more remarkable is that he played in the NBA.

Being a virgin in the NBA is equivalent to Waka Flocka teaching a quantum physics class at Harvard.

I am not knocking him, couldn’t be me, but you have to do what makes you happy. What I don’t understand is rocking a Fro Curl in 2010.

I was sort of half watching when Green popped up on my screen, when I glanced at him I thought I may have accidentally change the channel to NBATV and they were doing a flashback to a Lakers vs. Celtics NBA Finals in the 80’s.

Imagine my shock when I figured out this was present day.

It was like the Hot Tub Time Machine came to life in my living room.

Far be it from me to tell someone what hairstyle to rock, definitely better than the Mohawk, but I feel like I just went to church after watching the segment and need to put plastic on my couch.

The Fro Curl looked a little dry, might need some luster curl or soul glo spray.

2 thoughts on “Video: Why in 2010 is AC Green Still Rocking a Fro Curl?

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