Audio: DC Sports Talk Host Chad Dukes to Redskins: “We Aren’t Your Whores!”


You can say Mr. Dukes is a bit salty about the Redskins Monday Night Football performance.

Personally I am not from the Stephen A. Smith school of screaming journalism.

Maybe because I am not personally invested in one particular team. You can say I am the Huge Hefner of Sports, all the teams are my ladies, I don’t have a main one.

I think your message gets lost when you start to scream and while there is nothing wrong with a little hyperbole, I think Dukes is being a bit dramatic.

Not like the Redskins are the Lions or anything.


  1. If you really knew football,you would have known that my Skins were a five hundred team at best.Then,you wouldn't be on the air sounding like a fool.Just a thought!

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