Cam Newton’s Draft Stock

If you are Cam Newton you have no choice but to enter the NFL Draft after this season.

For two very important reasons:

1- Once the NCAA goes on the hunt they are going to find something.

2- Always strike while the iron is hot.

At some point the NCAA is going to punish someone for the recruiting scandal Cam and his father Cecil were engaged in.  Right now there just isn’t enough time to come down with a ruling, but if Cam was to come back next season it would be the #1 priority of the NCAA.  By leaving early he would be protecting Auburn, since it won’t be as talked about as much as his potential in the NFL.

Even though Newton’s has some flaws in his pro potential, he needs to go now before the NFL starts to nitpick at him and more importantly defensive coordinators in the SEC figure out a way to slow him down.

He caught everyone by surprised this year, but he wouldn’t have that advantage next year.

Plenty people wonder where he would be drafted.

My thoughts are this if Tim Tebow who wasn’t as physically gifted and had worse passing mechanics that Newton can be 1st round pick, Newton should be a high pick in the NFL Draft.

With quarterbacks though the physical and mental have to match up.

Doesn’t matter if you are considered a polished quarterback like Andrew Luck or physically dominant QB like Newton, you have to want to be great and work at it daily.

Does Newton have that type of work ethic?

I am not sure, but is he any more of a risk than a Ryan Mallet?  I don’t think so.

In the NFL it doesn’t matter if you are Michael Vick or Peyton Manning, to be successful long term you have to be able to make plays and read defenses in the pocket.

If you are athletically gifted and can be a pocket passer you can do what Michael Vick did to the Redskins Monday night or what Steve Young did his entire career.

I think Newton’s is right in the mix of being the first quarterback taken, if he can prove to teams that he is willing to work at being a quarterback.  He also needs to prove that once he gets his 20, 30, 40 or 50 million dollars that he won’t turn Hollywood.

I live in Saint Louis and I have witnessed a lot of Rams practices with Sam Bradford, he is all about work and all about football.  I am sure he is very grateful that he received 50 million in guaranteed money, but you couldn’t tell if he was a #1 pick or a street free agent from the way he goes about his business.

Someone will take a chance and then Newton’s will finally get their pay for play payment plan, hopefully he will live up to the contract.

4 thoughts on “Cam Newton’s Draft Stock

  • his draft stock is tied to Michael Vick's success on the field. NFL is a copycat league, some coach will want to duplicate that.

  • @ Paul: Cam isn’t as explosive running as Vick is, no QB is. I remember people talking about VYoung like he was going to be like Vick too. There’s 1 & only 1 Mike Vick. Just because a QB is black doesn’t mean he’s the next *insert black QB name here*

    Mallet is a statue, the team that drafts him better have a great O Line or it’s gonna get ugly. Lol

    Cam has all the physical tools to be a beast. He’ll be nitpicked as soon as he declares, every snap taken will be broken down. He had to be aware of what his father was doing. That awareness + Florida incidents= questionable character. The rules apply to everyone unless you’re a future HOF QB who rocks Wrangler jeans.

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