Eddy Curry Sued for Bounce Checks on his Rolls Royce and Escalade Repair Bills

The Knicks center has had money woes for the last few years, ironically he doesn’t seem to have any problems paying his dinner bills.

Curry has made over 57 million in his time in the NBA and he is making over 10 million dollars this year.

He is hurt of course while collecting those checks, but someone wants their money here are the details:

The Knicks big man, whose role with the team has become minimal and who has been out with injury thus far this season, is now being sued over $73,000 in repair bills for his Cadillac Escalade and Rolls Royce Phantom — among other cars, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

The checks sent to Lee’s Foreign Car Service for the work in 2007 and 2008 bounced at the bank, and now the company has taken the issue to court.

Curry has also twice had warrants issued for his arrest in 2010 for failure to pay the $660,000 settlement owed for having sex with an underage girl — when he was 18 and she was 14.

Curry also reportedly defaulted on a $570,000 personal loan despite having a $17,000-a-month suburban New York home, a $6,000-a-month personal chef and 12 cars he’d bought for himself and relatives.

$660,000 settlement for sleeping with a 14 year old girl?  Don’t recall that one being in the news, I will leave it alone since I don’t know the details.

What is Curry doing with all of his money?

You shouldn’t be able to blow 57 million dollars in less than a decade, he couldn’t be going to Hooters that often can he?

Another great trade by Isiah Thomas.

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