Jeff Fisher: “Randy Moss Was Tired, So He Wasn’t on Field For Final Play”

Randy Moss is in a no win situation.

The reason he is in this position is mainly his own fault.

For the last few years, Moss has mostly flown under the radar while being protected by the bubble of the New England Patriots.  While the media were more interesting in other receivers drama (T.O., Brandon Marshall, Steve Smith, Ocho Cinco for example) Moss simply went about his business.

Then the 2010 season happened and similar to a recovering drug addict who has relapsed, Moss put himself back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Everything is going to be scrutinized now and he is teetering toward Allen Iverson Turkey Land, he can’t have any more slip ups.  His first game with the Titans wasn’t a success, as Tennessee lost to the Dolphins who are so beat up at quarterback they are considering JaMarcus Russell as an option.

On the final offensive play of the game a 4th and 20, Moss was on the sidelines, here is the reason why:

“He was tired; they were all tired,’’ Coach Jeff Fisher said of Moss and the other receivers. “That was a lot of running today. We tried to make a play in the end zone. He wasn’t not out there for any other reason than he was tired.”

Even if Moss was tired and we take Jeff Fisher at his word, Moss has to be out on the field.  If for no other reason to try to calm the storm around him about his lack effort.

One thing people aren’t talking about and honestly they should because it is more important than the soap opera surrounding Moss, is how much does he have left in the tank.

Moss reminds me a lot of Deion Sanders at the end of his career.  Sanders had built up such a reputation that quarterbacks were still scared to throw at him even though his skills had diminished.

Moss while still capable of making the big play, isn’t the same Randy Moss of a few years ago, but defensive coordinators are still giving him that respect on the field.

At some point they are going to realize that they can single cover him, at that point his usefulness won’t be needed and no one is going to pay for a headache if they are going to just get average production.

Moss in these last games of the season needs to stay out of trouble, but he also needs to show people he is still RANDY MOSS on the field or next year he won’t have to worry about answering any reporter questions, because he won’t have a team to play for.

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