Paul Pierce Delivers Professional Ether to the Lebron James

Many people are jumping off the South Beach NWO bandwagon.

I am not one of them, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they do have three problems that can’t be overlooked.

1- Wade & Bron not meshing

Two alpha dogs in the same cage and they are finding it hard to co-exist. Not surprising, I figured it would happen. Many people assumed Bron since he chose to be part of the SuperFriends would fall back, but this is a guy who calls himself the King, so that was a faulty assumption.

One of them will have to take a secondary role, because there can only be one King of South Beach.

2- Bosh is shrinking in the spotlight

Never thought it was the Big 3, more like Two and a half men. Bosh has been in Toronto and out of the national spotlight for all of his career. He was a background singer and now that he is being push to the forefront people are starting to notice that he can’t really sing.

Until he starts playing like the star everyone was pumping him up to be in the Summer the Heat will struggle.

3- The Bench

It is atrocious (KG trash talk). Bron and Wade are being asked to carry too much of the load.

Paul Pierce by his tweet, points out something that the Heat should have been prepared for. They have a bulls eye on their chest and every team in the league have extra incentive to beat them. If the Heat come out flat or think they will get an automatic “W” just because of their press clippings they are sadly mistaken.

I wouldn’t panic Heat fans plenty of time to get these things corrected, but remember anything less than a championship will be a failure.


3 thoughts on “Paul Pierce Delivers Professional Ether to the Lebron James

  • "anything less than a championship will be a failure." That is a true statement with this team. It was hand picked to win championships, not conference titles or moral victories. This was supposed to be the team of teams, but like you said, it is still too early to write the book on this "2 1/2 Men" in South Beach.

  • @Rob
    Skip Bayless called Chris Bosh: "BOSH SPICE"…. I always thought Chicago or Cleveland offered Lebron the best shot at winning a championship.

    The stat geeks are now seeing why GM around the league see kobe as the premier player of the league. Whether as an underdog or front-runner, theres nobody you'd rather have on your team than kobe. Don't believe? Ask Pau Gasol.

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