Ray Rice Gets Out of a Ticket By Giving Police Officer an Autograph?

Simple rule not just for athletes, but for everyone:


You have to understand there is always someone watching and no matter if you try to delete immediately someone will capture what you said.

Ray Rice by all accounts is a good guy (even though you never know these days) and I am sure he is not the first athlete not named Pacman Jones who has gotten away with a minor traffic infraction because of his celebrity, but that isn’t something you tweet about.

My friend Jay gets pulled over at least once a month because of his tints and it is borderline harrasssment, but since he doesn’t carry a football he has to deal with it.

People aren’t naive, being a celebrity has some advantages and I am not one to be critical of anyone taking advantage of their star status, but don’t flaunt it in the faces of those who aren’t so lucky.


Hat tip to InsideCharmCity.com

7 thoughts on “Ray Rice Gets Out of a Ticket By Giving Police Officer an Autograph?

  • A tint ticket is anywhere from 28$-96$ depending on your state. Actually, its not even a moving violation. He could have paid that ticket thousands of times over, so I can't really agree that he's flaunting anything. Do you know how many club hopping chicks have flaunted their goodies and wiggled their hips to get out of tickets and fines?

    • They don't play for the Baltimore Ravens . .. just because someone else does it doesn't make it right

  • You sound a little "moist" about Ray getting off scott free. lol

    • Funny I said the exact opposite

  • The officer can always 'ig' the status of the celeb and the goodies being bounced in front of them and write the ticket anyway….its not like the officer is going to get paid extra for letting them go. And if they decide to give the celeb a ticket…..they'll get their autograph in the end anyway!

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