Read Tony Parker Divorce Documents Against Eva Longoria

I love the reason for a divorce being:

“Difference of personalities”

(PDF Download of Tony Parker Divorce filing)

No wonder the divorce rate is so high, all you need is differing personalities to get rid of your party.

I should be a divorce document translator, what Tony was really trying to say was:

“I like to smash the homies wives and Eva wasn’t cool with that, what can you do.”

TMZ has a couple of more details:

The documents, which were stamped at the court in Texas on Friday, were filed using initials only. Unlike Eva’s docs, there is no mention of a prenup.

It is unclear how lawyers for Eva and Tony will work things out — namely, where they get divorced … San Antonio or Los Angeles.

Parker wants the divorce to happen in San Antonio so he can keep the majority of his new 50 million dollar contract. I am not sure what Eva would want from him, since she makes very good money and they have no kids.

Just move out and move on.

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