Tiger Woods Takes His Talents to Twitter

Everything is all good now with Tiger Woods.

His scandal is pretty much over.

His divorce has been finalized.

He has a new 50 million dollar bachelor pad where he can have as many porn stars and waitresses over as he likes.

The best strategy right now would be to Fade to Turkey with Allen Iverson, I don’t know if taking his talents to Twitter is the proper move.

I know he is trying to get his reputation back, but I don’t think he and his team understand the beast that Twitter has become.

It is like a WWE Battle Royal and Tiger Woods is more like Doink the Clown than Triple H.

I hope he is ready, because it isn’t all peaches and cream on twitter, ask Lebron. You have to have thick skin to survive and people can be very cruel.

Good luck Tiger and if you need a “Ghost Tweeter” hit me up.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Takes His Talents to Twitter

  • Why should he hide, he just did wat over half the men in this country are doing anyway. I promise you there are more guys who can relate with him than can't. And honestly, I think this will be the best thing that ever happened to him.

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