Video: Chris Henry’s Mother Carolyn Glaspy Meets The People His Organs Saved

Chris Henry’s death bothered me.

It still bothers me to this day.

I come from an area where young black men die everyday. Most of the deaths are senseless, which is the reason I refuse to watch the local news.

Chris Henry had his demons and the thing about demons is they never go away— they are always chasing you, hoping to catch you.

Even when you think you have out run them, they can pop up at any time.

In life, everyone makes bad decisions, but it only takes one to end your life. Chris Henry was running as fast as he could away from those demons, but one irrational decision and he was taken from his family.

No parent wants to outlive their child and I can only imagine what Miss Glaspy was going through as she watched her son die. But her decision to allow Henry’s organs to be donated shows you how strong she is as a person.

CBS brought all of the people who benefited from Henry’s organs to a Thanksgiving dinner and to say that it had an affect on everyone watching would be an understatement.

Many say the greatest gift in the world is the gift of life, and Miss Glaspy gave that gift while dealing with the death of her son.

Words cannot say what a remarkable act that was.

God bless Miss Glaspy and all the individuals who are keeping a little piece of Chris Henry alive in them.

8 thoughts on “Video: Chris Henry’s Mother Carolyn Glaspy Meets The People His Organs Saved

  • One of the touching features they have put on in a long time

  • This story is so touching. My prayers are with Mrs Glaspy.

    • It is so amazing that you were so unselfish. Now chris lives on thru four other people.Watching you today on tv has made me decide to to become an organ donar.I am 68 yrs old 80% disabled viet-nam vet with tons of medical problems but maybe there is someone out there might get a salvaged part of me when i pass.My brother said at my sisters funeral "no one is ever dead as long as someone knows who they were". you son will be alive for a very long time……

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