Video Evidence of Le’Ron McClain Spitting on Channing Crowder

We have given Channing Crowder a hard time because for all his talking he is an average player at best, but after reviewing this video he has a right to be mad enough to mix up Helen Keller and Anne Frank.

Baltimore Ravens fullback McClain appears to clearly spit on him.

For that action McClain should be suspended and while I won’t get as colorful with my language as Crowder I will say to spit in someone’s face and run away is “moist” on several different levels.

Spitting on someone is one of the most disrespectful and disgusting things you can do to someone. As a man if you spit on me you better be right to fight.

McClain spitting and then fleeing the scene is soft.

I don’t care how much Crowder annoys you, he didn’t deserve that.

Roger Goodell is always talking about cleaning up the game’s image then he should do the right thing and suspend McClain immediately.

2 thoughts on “Video Evidence of Le’Ron McClain Spitting on Channing Crowder

  • I'm not saying the spit did or didnt happen, all I'm saying is that even with HD technology, I haven't seen evidence of either. Has anybody really seen some spit from that youtube video? really? You can barely read all the letters on the back of their jerseys, but you saw spit? This is what i do know:
    1) The ref was right there, and didnt see it. Any other time, the refs cant wait to flag the Ravens for unsportsmanlike conduct, why not now?
    2) The first thing people do when getting spit on, is wipe it off… that didnt really appear to happen here.

    As I said, I dont know whether it happened or not, but its highly possible that it did. Its equally as possible that Mclain accidentally spit on Crowder while sternly calling him a "B!T*H" My point is, without evidence, I'm pretty much forced to reserve judgment. Imagine how foolish everybody reporting on this as fact looks if Crowder is lying, especially those calling for a fine and/or suspension.

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