Video: Kevin Durant “Tricked Out” Minivan

Not quite the Maybach or Ashton Martin and I don’t know if Kevin Durant is Big Meech or Larry Hover, but he does make riding in a conversion van look cool.

I had a friend whose Van wasn’t as “tricked out”, but he did have an XBox built in.

One day we were riding around and the people in the back were playing Madden.

When the game was over my friend was like “pass the controller”.

Only one problem.


For the next 20 minutes he proceeded to play Madden while driving to our destination.  You talk about seeing you life flash in front of you eyes.

What does this have to do with KD?

Nothing, but I wanted to tell a story.  Oklahoma City off to a bit of sluggish start.  I think the weight of expectations getting to them a bit, but I think they will come around.

Thanks to for tracking down the video.

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