Video: Terrell Owens Catches TD…Runs Over Top Flight Security

I can guarantee you this is the thing that Skip Bayless will be talking about tomorrow. Somehow he will use this to blame T.O. for the problem with the Cowboys.

As a few people mentioned on my twitter Top Flight Security of the World was a defenseless officer so T.O. will be fined 50k by the league.

While the Bengals have been bad, T.O. has been very good. A lot of teams have to be kicking themselves for not giving Owens a chance, because he is still one of the better wide receivers in the league and proving to be better than his sidekick Chad Ocho Cinco.

He now has over 1000 catches, 15,000 yards and 150 touchdowns.

The Mime dance was pretty impressive after TD 150.

The Hall of Fame is not about who was the best teammates during their NFL career, it is about the best players in NFL history and in the immortal words of Jay Z:

“Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”

Whereas stats never tell the whole story, when you are trying to determine which players were the best at their position it is a good place to start.

Owens won’t be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer because the writers who vote on the Hall won’t allow it, but he should regardless of how you feel about him personally.

A piece of advice to Owens if you knock over a guy have the common courtesy to help him back up or see if he is ok.

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