Lebron James Has Had Bodyguards All Season..Heat Not Releasing Travel Plans

It really shouldn’t be this serious, that Lebron and the Heat feel the need to have extra security at all times. I understand bringing in Jack Bauer for the game in Cleveland, but I don’t think the King needs Top Flight Security of the world in every city he travels to.

The NBA and the Heat disagree:

The Heat and the NBA have taken additional security measures to ensure the safety of James and the team this season. Those efforts are expected to increase when the team travels to Cleveland immediately after Wednesday night’s home game against Detroit.

The Heat typically release the team’s travel schedule, hotel location and pregame workout plans as a courtesy to select media outlets that cover the team for home and away games

The decision to keep details of the trip private raises speculation that the Heat might elect not to stay in a downtown Cleveland hotel, as the team normally does when facing the Cavaliers.

I wonder if CTU will be handling the transfer of Lebron from the hotel to the arena?

My personal opinion is this: it’s all hype and when the game starts, that is all it will be is a game. One that the Cavs will be an underdog in and one that James will want to get over as soon as possible, so he can continue to chill in South Beach.

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