Pacman Jones Wages Garnished For Defaulting Bentley & Lamborghini Loans

Adam “Pacman” Jones has been a model citizen since making his way back to the NFL.  When he isn’t being harassed by the Cincinnati PD, things have been very quiet on his part.

He was having a decent year before going on injured reserve, but now he is back in the news, — at least it isn’t the police blotter.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Jones defaulted on leases for a 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe and a 2006 Bentley Flying Spur. Jones owes the car dealer more than $250,000 for not making payments and for not making repairs after he crashed the Bentley, plus interest and legal fees.

Jones’ salary this year is $545,000, and he has four more paychecks coming, each worth about $32,000 before taxes. So he’ll still owe the car dealer money even after his final four checks are garnished.

Jones was rocking the Lambo and the Bentley, just another example of a young athlete assuming the money will always be coming in.

When you come from a poor background, it isn’t unusual when you come into a lot of cash that you splurge on things you see in rap videos and the drug dealers on the block.

Pacman Jones isn’t the first or last person to get in over his head.

I think Discover card is still looking for me for some Michael Irvin Miami throwback jerseys I charged back in the late 9o’s (they will never find me).

Pacman is trying to clean up his life and one part of that is cleaning up his debts.  Hopefully he gets this taken care of so he can keep some of that money he is being paid.

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