Video: DeSean Jackson 91 Yard TD Catch..Fall Into End Zone Celebration


DeSean Jackson is an extremely talented player.

But he has an issue when it comes to crossing the goal line, he likes to celebrate before he scores, some people don’t have a problem with it.

The prevailing wisdom is if you don’t want him to clown then stop him.

I agree to an extent, can’t complain when you are letting a guy run 90+ yards through your secondary, but this is more about respecting the game.

I am pro celebration, if you score a TD and want to Dougie, kiss a cheerleader or jump in the stands knock yourself out, but when you are still in the field of play show some class.

Stuff like this………

Tells me that DeSean Jackson is talented player that hasn’t learn from his mistakes and in the future his clowning is going to cost the Eagles, but see he doesn’t care about that he only cares about making Sportscenter and that is where a lot of athletes go wrong.

The Football Gods are watching, they always are.

Smarten Up Nas


  1. I find it funny that the opinion of this story is coming from an individual who probably has never played sports at all in his life. I don't see anything wrong with him diving into the end-zone, whether it be in extraordinary stylish fashion or front-flip first. If he's got time to put on a show, then that's the secondary's fault. Dont bring the "football gods" crap into this.

    My reasoning has always been: If you're that good, you can do whatever you want until somebody can stop you. Stop DeSean from running 91 yards from scrimmage and then maybe your retort about having some "class" might have some merit.

    • I love the way people assume things. I was a very good athlete and even had a scholarship offer to play football at Kent State, but took the academic scholarship at Ohio State.

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