Video: Lions Center Dominic Raiola to Dolphins Fans: “Suck My D***”


There is always a camera rolling.

If I was famous, I would always have that in the back of my mind before I said or did anything in public. I am sure Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola didn’t think anyone would ever catch this small clip of him telling Dolphins fans how he likes to be pleasured, but in this new decade no one is safe.

I know the Lions are a bit excited because they have won three in a row, but Raiola needs to take it down just a notch.

Part of his New Year’s eve “Make it Rain” money will now be going to NFL charities.

Believe it or not this type of colorful banter between players and fans isn’t that unusual. I have heard and seen a lot worse, but since prepaid cell phones now come with video camera, players need to be a little more careful.

I wonder if Raiola knows Candy Deepthroat?


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