Grizzlies Tony Allen Beats Up OJ Mayo on Team Flight

The last place I would have a fight is on a plane.

What if you hit the emergency exit or something.  It would just make me uneasy to be scuffling 20,000 miles in the air.  The Grizzlies doesn’t seem to care as they had a little Pacquiao vs. Margarito confrontation while in the not so friendly skies.

Grizzlies teammates O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen were involved in a fight with each other on the flight home from Los Angeles after Sunday night’s win over the Lakers, three different sources have told Two of those sources said the altercation left Mayo with a noticeably “swollen” face.

Mayo did not play in Tuesday night’s 110-105 win over Oklahoma City.

Grizzlies officials announced before tipoff that Mayo was not at FedExForum and that he would not participate in the game because of “bronchitis.”

I can not lie, I laughed at the “bronchitis” excuse aka my face looks like this:

Yahoo Sports have even more details:

Mayo owed Allen money from a card game, “Boo-Ray,” and sources said Mayo became increasingly belligerent and antagonistic toward Allen when asked to settle the debt. Sources said Allen walked away from Mayo to go the restroom and returned to find Mayo continuing to berate him. Eventually, Mayo inched close to Allen, and sources said Allen hit Mayo.

“Tony warned [Mayo] to watch his mouth, and [Mayo] wouldn’t do it and just kept going off on him,” a source with knowledge of the incident told Yahoo! Sports.

The lesson here is when you owe Tony Allen money you might want to pay him. Furthermore if you owe Allen money don’t mouth off about it unless you want to come down with a case of “bronchitis” of the swollen face.

Gambling is rampant in the NBA, so this isn’t an unusual story. The good news is that at least there were no guns involved like with Gilbert Arenas.

We wish OJ Mayo’s face a speedy recovery.

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  • Robert – I bet you meant 20,000' feet in the air, not 20,000 miles, but then again? …the jacka++*+ that some of these guys are, maybe they are 20,000 miles into stupidity?!

  • Punks jump up to get beatdown!

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