Tracy Morgan “Sarah Palin is Good Masturbation Material” NBA on TNT Video

You should never bring a comedian on Live TV.

That is like dropping Ben Roethlisberger off for Happy Hour at your local campus bar, bad things are going to happen.  So I am not surprised what happened in the video above.

It is bad enough TNT has Charles Barkley to watch out for, but when you mix in Tracy Morgan, as you can see that was a problem.  Chuck throw him a fastball right down the middle and Morgan knocked it out of the park.

The question begs though is Morgan right?

Palin reminds me of the high school girl who you know is a block head, but you can’t help but find her quirkiness attractive. Normally those types are freaks (go watch American Pie for reference). I think she secretly wants Obama, you know some of those type of women love the Chocolate.

TNT issued an immediate apology and don’t expect Morgan to be invited back to settled any more debates for Charles Barkley.

6 thoughts on “Tracy Morgan “Sarah Palin is Good Masturbation Material” NBA on TNT Video

  • Damn, Is Coonery still going strong in 2011? Wow!

  • They shouldn't have asked him that if they didn't want him to answer!

  • Maybe you're right, but I still have my own opinion about this.

  • LOL Fantastic Awesome Tract Morgan is one brilliant and extremely funny operate comedian. He can keep me in joins for hours and give us a good time when great job

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