Mark Sanchez Relationship With 17 Year Old Girl To Be Exposed By Deadspin

Legally even if true, Sanchez has done nothing wrong.

The age for statutory rape charges to be brought against someone in New York/New Jersey only can happen if the young lady (or man) is under the age of 17.

You can’t dismiss Deadspin because for the most part they have been deadly accurate with their exposing over the years. here is what they had to say about the Sanchez story.

So we’ve been working on a story the last couple weeks about Mark Sanchez’s romancing of a 17-year-old girl. She reached out to us first and agreed to cooperate. Then she didn’t. Then she did again. Now, of course, her lawyer has contacted us.


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The entire story of what this legal letter hints at will be revealed on Tuesday. Rest assured, the lawyer has left out a few details. We won’t publish this young lady’s full name, but if the photos she sent to us from her Blackberry of Mark Sanchez’s bedroom — supposedly taken on her cell phone after she spent the night with him a few weeks ago — were not sent by her, then there’s more to this than previously suspected. Most likely, not, though. Just a hunch.

The lawyer of the young lady has threatened legal action, but if she consented in giving Deadspin whatever evidence they have, not much she can do.

Very similar to the Jenn Sterger, Brett Favre incident.

I am sure you are wondering my opinion on this if true.  I will wait to give that depending on what Deadspin has to offer as evidence.  Legally regardless of what they say, he didn’t do anything wrong, so the NFL and Jets have nothing to do with this.

Sanchez might have a little R Kelly in him, who knows, but we will find out on Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Mark Sanchez Relationship With 17 Year Old Girl To Be Exposed By Deadspin

  • Damn when does it end???

  • He was arrested for sexual assault when he was at USC then it was quickly dropped….

  • the charges of arrest remain for underage drinking but the sexual assault charge was dropped as it turned out to be a mistake, like it wasnt him… it was on some college football article back when it happen. but i dont think this is at all true. unless sanchez is in those pics with the chic- there's no proof. just saying is mark's room proofs nothing

    whats amazing is that just because his a public figure the media thinks they can reveal private things about him, they forget that his a person and whether this is true or not this has made its damage since ppl are building up hate against him and the team and nyc… i hate the media.

  • Sanchez did absolutely nothing wrong. He is one of the legit great guys in sports and you forget that he is also young. I'm 24 too and wouldn't mind a 17 year old at all. Perfectly legal

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