Video: Early Candidate of KO of Year Nonito Donaire Over Fernando Montiel


Two things can happen when you get hit with the perfect punch.

You either go to sleep like Paul Williams or your body short circuits like Fernando Montiel. Either situation is not a good look.

Unless you are hardcore boxing fan you might not know Nonto Donarie, but trust me you will shortly.

He executed the perfect “check hook” and Montiel body started to do the Electric Boogaloo. Much props to Montiel for getting back on his feet, but while his body might have been in Vegas, his soul was far far away from this planet. The ref was crazy for letting him continue, he could have been seriously injured.

With Floyd Mayweather not fighting, Manny Pacquiao hanging out with Presidents and fighting non worthy challengers, Donaire is someone to watch in 2011 when it comes to best pound for pound boxers in the world.


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