Amber Rose Thirst Check..Black Leggings Pics

A little while back, I posted some pics of Amber Rose jogging in leopard spandex leggings and in the immortal words of Paul Wall:

“The internet went nuts.”

A huge debate ensued, to my surprise, on if she was thick, fat, husky or just right.

Personally, besides her fade, there isn’t anything wrong with the way she looks— I know a lot of women who would kill for that body.  She seemed to be a little bothered about the criticisms and took her frustrations to Twitter.

I’m 5’9 148. How am I fat? Man, what have I done so wrong? Be [too] nice? I just don’t get it.”

I understand what she is saying, people can be cruel especially when they are hiding behind a keyboard.

These pics just surfaced of her in black leggings. She looks fine to me, but the debate is already starting if she lost a few pounds because of the backlash she got before.

Do you see a difference?

254 thoughts on “Amber Rose Thirst Check..Black Leggings Pics

  • she 5'9" didnt know she was that tall ,she thick,some white dude like she to big she fat…aint nothing wrong with that woman head to toe.

  • camera angles and leopard print account for her looking 'fat' as opposed to black leggings.

    if she's fat..then god help us ALL!

    how is a woman supposed to have good self of steam? 😉

    • *self esteem

  • She is a raging mudshark. She is part african, but she knows she would be way hotter if she were 0% african, so she colors her hair blonde and wears tinted contacts to make herself look more european because she knows that will make her look more like the ideal object of black male pornographic fantasy. I heard she got discriminated against and oppressed for being non-black by all the blacks in the south philly hood where she grew up. I guess she must of liked it because she is obviously attracted to black men who hate white women, like kanye west who likes to attack helpless little white girls on stage at award ceremonies and sing about white bitches in his songs. At least she is smart enough to know she looks 10 times prettier in the company of bootlips than she would in the company of other white people like herself.

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